It all started in 2017…

Nora and Andy, then 2 of the 9 co-owners of TerraLuna Collaborative, realized they were creating an approach to evaluation that people were hungry for. They were hungry for learning, reflection, and adaption (in other words, evaluation) that embraces complexity; that is grounded in values and guided by principles; that infuses the arts throughout; and that relentlessly seeks to illuminate and disrupt oppressive systems.

In March of 2019, Michael Quinn Patton invited us to present at the MESI (Minnesota Evaluation Studies Institute) Spring Training. With his permission, we wrote a piece, “The Call of Creative Evaluators”. The piece wove together Patton’s 1983 writing in Creative Evaluation with our own passions and commitments. This was the birth of Creative Evaluation.

In November 2018 we realized that this is bigger than evaluation. The Johnsons were getting calls from social change leaders, artists, activist, evaluators, and community organizers who wanted to know what Creative Evaluation was all about. We were running thin in time and capacity, and knew that we needed more time and input to develop our ideas. We launched the Creative Evaluation Cohort in January 2019. They have been a tremendous, offering their time, love, support, insight, questions, and commitments. Read more about them here.

Creative Evaluation and systems change can’t happen alone. It is highly collaborative, co-creative, and relationship-based. Our relationships with ourselves and each other are actually more important than the learning we engage in together. To honor this, we changed the name to Creative Evaluation and Engagement in April 2019.

Creative Evaluation and Engagement is still growing, deepening its roots and strengthening it’s wings. We couldn’t do it without the support of people like you and our TerraLuna Collaborative family.

Creative Evaluation is a project of TerraLuna Collaborative.