Salons, Workshops, and Mini-Courses

We offer salons, workshops, and mini-courses for every level. Each learning opportunity is capped so everyone can get the individual attention they need. All classes are first-come, first-served, so please sign-up early.

While topics vary, all learning opportunities are rooted in Creative Evaluation and Engagement’s guiding principles.

We invite you to join us if you are an artists, activists, evaluators, leaders, organizers, funders, or community member engaged at the intersection of healing, social change, and learning.

We always ask that people show up and engage in the spirit of kindness, grace, respect, care and self-reflection.

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About Salons

Salons are both gathering and discussion. There is nothing to prepare, and no content to learn. It is simply an opportunity to be with others interested in the topic. Bring yourself, your experience, your questions, and your heart. Salons are capped at ten people.

Salons are currently held in-person and on-line on Thursdays, 6pm-7:30pm Central Time. $15

Evaluation, Engagement, and Faith: May 23, In-Person or May 30, Thursday, On-line

Evaluation, Engagement, and Healing: June 6, In-Person or June 27, On-line

Caring for Self and Teams: July 25, In-Person or August 1, On-line

Healing on Purpose: Sept 12, In-Person or Sept 19, On-line

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About Workshops

Workshops are short in-person experiences. In three hours you will have a mix of content, application, discussion, and reflection. There is nothing to prepare. Workshops are capped at twenty people.

Workshops are currently held in-person on Fridays, 1pm-4pm Central Time. $50

Creative Evaluation 101, June 7

Arts-Based Evaluation 10, July 19

Craft Your Guiding Principles, August 2

Literary Arts Methods, September 6

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About Mini-Courses

Mini-courses are short on-line experiences. In three separate 1-hour classes you will have a mix of content, discussion, and reflection. Workshops are capped at twenty people.

Mini-Courses are currently held online on Tuesdays, 4pm-5pm Central Time. $65

Creative Evaluation 101, May 28/June 4/June 1

Arts-Based Evaluation 10, June 25/July 2/July 9

Craft Your Guiding Principles, July 30/Aug 6/Aug 13

Literary Arts Methods, Sept 3/Sept10/Sept 17