Waking Lumina's Guiding Principles

I currently work as an evaluator. I primarily do something called creative evaluation, or principles-focused arts-infused developmental evaluation for social justice. I work with primarily with leaders, organizations, foundations, and systems who want to create a more just and equitable world. I’ve been doing this particular type of evaluation for six years. When I look across my work, themes have emerged that cut across and flow through everything I’ve done.

I have seen learned 1) where there is a need for increased social justice and equity, people have experienced or are experiencing injustice and inequity and 2) where there is injustice and inequity there is trauma. I realized that when designing an evaluation, I can choose to ignore trauma, or design an evaluation that creates the space to recognize trauma and promote healing.

Years of questioning and reflecting, projects gone well and poorly, and half-written articles that led me to the Waking Lumina approach, Journey Oriented Developmental Evaluation for Social Justice and Equity (JODE).