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I help communities, foundations, governments, organizations, and collaborations engage for social change in a way that places values, social justice, relationships, and accountability to learning and adaptation at the heart of the work. I show-up as my full self, in all of my power, messiness, curiosity, hope and joy, and I invite others to do the same. Services include Creative Evaluation leadership, coaching, and facilitation. I also lead Creative Evaluation and Developmental workshops and on-line courses. Complete the contact form if you are interested in working with me. Initial 30-minute phone consultations are free.


About Nora

I am a leader in the practice of principles-focused developmental evaluation. I have co-founded two organizations (TerraLuna Collaborative and the Developmental Evaluation Institute) that create the space, credibility, and infrastructure for others to work in similar ways. Click here to read more about my professional work and creative endeavors. 

Creative Evaluation

Creative Evaluation is arts-based evaluation, principles-focused evaluation, developmental evaluation, arts-based evaluation and a commitment to social justice combined. This approach to evaluation emerged out of the synergy created by combining my work and training as a principles-focused evaluator and my husband’s (A. Rafael Johnson) work and training as an artist. Learn more about creative evaluation and the creative evaluation cohort.


There are days when the world feels unbearable. There are so many people that need help and so much work to be done. How do we choose what to do? And just as importantly, how do we choose how to do our work? Based on the deeply held believe that how we do our work is as important as the outcomes, I helps principles-driven people make principles-based change in the world. Learn more about guiding principles, about and how I came to develop her own personal and professional guiding principles, and about the JODE guiding principles for engaging in evaluation for social justice. Learn more about guiding principles.

Weekly Reflections

Once a week I post reflections on my work--principles-focused developmental evaluation--and the path I walks to find myself and make my way to wholeness. My reflections on her guiding principles, love, light, connection, inspiration, wholeness, and social justice are not always pretty--they are as likely to be sad, self-doubting or angry as they are to be gracious and loving. Read the blog.