HIGHLIGHTS - Top 3 Lists



  1. Seeing patterns in and pathways through complex systems

  2. Listening to stories deeply and treating the shared story with dignity and honor.

  3. Connecting with people in our shared humanitiy.



  1. Feeling everything so deeply without getting depleted, discouraged, or depressed.

  2. Collecting and integrating the fragmented pieces of myself to be[come] whole.

  3. Remembering and living the fact that "being" is more important than "doing".



1. PhD in Evaluation Studies, awarded January 2014 by the University of Minnesota, College of Human Development and Education, Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development

2. M.A. in Research Methodology, awarded May 2005 by the School of Education, Department of Psychology in Education, University of Pittsburgh

3. B.A. in Studies in Education and Biology, awarded May 1996 by Earlham College, with College and Departmental Honors, Phi Beta Kappa.




1. Faster Forward Fund Grant, 2016.. Nora F. Murphy, Kate McKegg, and Nan Wehipeihana of the Kinnect Group were awarded funding to develop an Institute that aims to provide an alternative pathway for new evaluators from under-represented communities who want to work as Developmental Evaluators for social justice. 

2. Recognized as Leader in Next Generation Evaluation, 2016. http://aea365.org/blog/labor-day-week-erin-bock-on-honoring-nora-murphy/

 3. Awarded the Michael Scriven Dissertation Award for Outstanding Contribution to Evaluation Theory, Method, or Practice in 2013

PFE Workshop.png

Recent Workshops

  1. Murphy, Nora. F. (December 2017) Principles-Focused Evaluation. 2-day workshop, TerraLuna Collaborative, Minneapolis, MN

  2. Murphy, Nora F. and Johnson, Andy. (March 2017) Developmental Evaluation in Practice: Lessons Learned. 1-day workshop, Minnesota Evaluation Studies Institute Spring Training, St. Paul, MN

  3. Murphy, Nora F., McKegg, Kate, Wehipeihana, Nan. (March 2017) Beyond Developmental Evaluation 101 – Applying Developmental Evaluation Principles in Practice. 1-day workshop. Canadien Evaluation Society Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada



1. Murphy, N. F. (2017) Waking Lumina: A Personal Principles-Based Evaluation Philosophy. In Patton, M.Q. Principles-focused evaluation: The guide. Guilford Publications.

2. Murphy, N. F. and Huseby, H. H. (2017) Diverse Uses of Principles across an Organization. In Patton, M.Q. Principles-focused evaluation: The guide. Guilford Publications.

3. Chapman Haynes, M., Murphy, N. F., & Patton, M. Q. (2017). A Guiding Typology for Site Visits. New Directions for Evaluation2017( 156), 11-19.