Creative Evaluation Essential Threads

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1. Truth

2. Beauty

3. Justice

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4. Know yourself

5. Know others and how change happens

6. Learn evaluation foundations

7. Evaluation as a leadership function

8. Evaluation facilitation for change

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9. Assess client/community readiness

10. Assess DE team readiness

11. Illuminate and engage primary intended users

12. Conduct situation analysis

Threads 13-17.png


13. Illuminate Theories

14. Co-create Learning Plan

15. Co-Select Methods

16. Simulate Scenarios

17. Develop Project Management Systems

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18. Gather and Analyze Data

19. Present Data and Findings

20. Engage in Meaning Making

21. Repeat - Go back to Step 9

22. Metaevaluation

23. Reflect, Integrate Learning, and Adapt

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24. Take Care, Heal, and Grow

25. Share

Inspired by M.Q. Patton's 2012 Essentials of Utilization Focused Evaluation