Dear friends:

Andy and I are co-creating a trio of concepts: Creative Engagement, Creative Evaluation, and Creative Evaluators.

  • Creative Engagement is the process by which creative evaluators engage with clients and the community to co-create change for social justice in messy and complex systems. It provides timely feedback grounded in what matters to those most impacted by the work. In other words, any system created and maintained by humans!

  • Creative Evaluation is evaluation for truth, beauty, and justice. Creative evaluation brings together developmental evaluation (use), principles-focused evaluation (valuing), arts-based evaluation (methods), and a commitment to social justice.

  • Creative Evaluators commit to making the world more just and beautiful, guided by shared principles. They work creatively, boldly, and rigorously in a space of deeply held values.

We need your help to make Creative Engagement, Creative Evaluation, and Creative Evaluators a reality. Through your donations we will bring creative evaluation to people who don’t often have access to this approach to evaluation. We want to bring training to people who want to be creative evaluators but don’t have access to training opportunities. We will expand the community of people engaged in creative evaluation beyond people who currently consider themselves evaluators , inviting in artists, activists, and social change leaders.

Please consider donating any amount!

  • Development. 50% of your donation will go to supporting the work of visioning, creating new materials, and building the intellectual and structural capacities of Creative Evaluation. In other words, you supporting the people who are building Creative Evaluation. At this point this is Nora Murphy Johnson and A. Rafael Johnson.

  • Infrastructure. 25% of your donation will to the infrastructure of Creative Evaluation. The fun stuff like rent, insurance, tax preparation, website fees, software subscriptions, and so-forth.

  • Scholarships. 25% of your donation will go to scholarships for people who want to engage with Creative Evaluation services and professional development opportunities but simply do not have funds.


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