Sabbaticals and the Proverbial Pebble

The image above is aspirational, but a serious aspiration. The publication Inside Philanthropy recently posted an article called Room to Reflect, about the role of sabbaticals for those of us working outside a university system.   

A recent evaluation commissioned by the Durfee Foundation, one of the main proponents of nonprofit sabbaticals, reviewed the past 20 years of its program and found the impacts to be surprisingly long-term. “Like the proverbial pebble thrown in the pond, sabbaticals quickly and organically create lasting change at the personal (attitude/perspective), structural (job descriptions changed, teams restructured), and system (leadership, mission/ impact) levels.”

Most people I know working in giving-spaces, healing-spaces, grant-funded spaces, are stretched so thin in their time, physical abilities, emotional reserves, and spiritual core. There a never-ending demand to do more, people actively asking us to betray our own boundaries, and often not enough money to do what needs to be done. Everyone needs time to rest, reflect, and recharge.

I'm just putting it out there--I would love to take a sabbatical. The time to read, write, reflect, synthesize, and create would be magical and transformative.