Reflections on a Principles-Focused Evaluation led by Nora F. Murphy

I led a 2-day principles-focused evaluation workshop in December 2017. At the closing check-out, someone shared that the workshop felt like un-drowning. It gave me chills and a new bar for what workshops can and should be. Katherine Hillman of Flux, a Now Orleans-based consultancy focused on research, monitoring, and evaluation shared deeper reflections with me this week before posting them on the flux blog.

With the field of evaluation still being relatively new to New Orleans, these new techniques are one way to meet some of our local organizations’ needs. The Principles method is especially effective because it looks at the heart of the organization — the culture, the passions, the goals— in order to guide the evaluation. New Orleans is a city overflowing with heart, culture, passions, and goals... so what could be a more perfect pair than that!

We here at Flux look forward to the opportunity to apply Principles-Based Evaluation with our present and future partners. We are grateful to the TerraLuna Collaborative for giving us the tools to incorporate this method into our work.

I encourage you to read the rest of her reflections.



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