Vulnerability Week (March 12-16, 2018)

18.03.08 Dee (1).jpg

Yesterday our amazing wedding photographer, Dee, posted on instagram that they were unfollowing people. Here's a link to the youtube video: (And as a bonus, here's a link to some of their amazing photographs:

The Cliff Notes version--it feels crappy to see people leading perfect lives on Instagram. Instagram makes it seem like perfection is possible. Perfect relationships, perfect make-up, perfect thoughts, and on and on. You've seen those profiles.

I have friends much younger than me*, part of the "instagram generation" who have stopped using it because they find it so deflating to see a visual stream full of people showing off perfect bodies smiles clothing lives teeth jobs relationships vacations meals abs decor. One study of young people living in Great Britain found that Instagram use was related to low self-esteem, resulting in poor body image and lack of sleep (#StatusOfMind report).

But we all know in our heart of hearts that everyone human is having a human experience: joy and pain, hope and despair, longing and fulfillment. So that's what I'm writing about this week. My vulnerability and imperfections**.

Thanks for being on this journey with me,



*When you're 43 you can actually have friends much younger than you who are both 1) appropriate to be friends with and 2) interesting.

**Interesting note, I promised myself that to balance this week I would write about my strengths and talents for a week. That filled me with a lot more dread and uncomfortable feelings. Huh.