P-FE DE for Social Justice Week (March 5-9)

Why P-FE_.png

Principles-Focused Developmental Evaluation for Social Justice

It's a mouthful, but I don't know how to say it with fewer words. This is the kind of evaluation I've been specializing in since working on my dissertation in 2012-2013. (Click here to read more about the Developmental Evaluation Collaborative on Youth Homelessness.)

Let me break down each of the components in a few sentences and give you a few references..you know, in case you're curious!

Developmental Evaluation

Developmental evaluation applies complexity concepts and systems thinking to enhance innovation and support evaluation use when the path forward is uncertain. Read more: 


Principles-Focused Evaluation

Principles serve as a rudder to navigate the uncertainties and the emergent challenges and opportunities of complex dynamic environments. They all collaborating partners to move forward with shared purpose, but adapt the principles to their own setting. The guiding principles would be developed for this project, with project partners, and would provide meaningful guidance, be inspiring, and shape important aspects of the evaluation inquiry. Read more: 


Arts-Based Evaluation

Using arts-based methods in the process of evaluation evokes different ways of knowing and understanding the values and impact of a program or initiative. Read more: