Bird By Bird

My boyfriend is a love. He gives me an abundance of love, support, understanding, caring, and strength. Last week, on my birthday, he also gave me a book, "Bird by Bird", by Anne Lamott, and encouraged my to tell my story.

Over the past six years, I've been in a battle with myself around writing.

"I hate to write!" I tell myself and anyone who will listen. "I have to write," says my inner voice.

"I don't have time to write," I tell myself. "I must make time to write," says my inner voice.

"I'm a terrible writer," I tell myself. "It doesn't matter," says my inner voice. "The writing is for you, not them."

But now I have these gifts. The gifts of love, encouragement, and Anne Lamott's instructions on writing and life. It feels important to pay attention to these gifts and my inner voice. So I'm going to write. 300 words a day for 300 days. Sometimes I'll write about current events, sometimes I'll write about my Waking Lumina concepts, like light and inspiration, and sometimes I'll write fragments of the novel I'll be writing over the next year, "Coming Home."  

Self-discovery, here I come.







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