healing & collective struggle

I'm having one of those moments in my life where everything I've learned -- personally and professionally, intellectually and spiritually, in word and body -- is transcending separate knowings and experiences to become one thing.  I'm still working on how to say it but essentially, we all want to be whole and loved, but the very experience of living, of being human, means we experience hurt and disconnection. Our work with each ourselves and each other is work of healing, wholeness, love and connection. Period. I was describing this in a bumbling way on a conference call this morning and a friend shared this beautiful quote.

"When wounded individuals come together in groups to make change our collective struggle is often undermined by all that has not been dealt with emotionally." - bell hooks

Once again. Thank you, bell hooks, for finding the words my soul is whispering to my brain.

Note: The image above is from the Detroit Institute of Art's Art of Rebellion exhibit, titled, "Black Art of the Civil Rights Movement". The image was posted in their website on Sunday July 23rd, 2017 and retrieved October 12th, 2017 at https://www.dia.org/art/exhibitions/art-rebellion-black-art-civil-rights-movement