This was a blog post from me, circa 2004:

We die and become fertilizer. This isn't a sad view of the world, just rational. And if you love nature like I do, becoming part of the cycle of life (think a sunlit tree sycamore tree at a creek's edge or a blooming fiery pink peony) is a beautiful thing. There's no need to want for anything more. No need for religion or a belief in something bigger than myself. The world is beautiful, has order that can be explained by science, and makes sense.

Tragedy broke me open on September 29, 2010 and I learned that there is so much more. It huge, gorgeous, magical. This website and blog is me now, Nora F. Murphy PhD, former skeptic and spreadsheet lover, learning what to do with my new awareness, figuring out how to live a spirit guided life, and become whole. Waking Lumina is emerging from this seeking.

nora mj