Nora's Creative Endeavors

The following businesses have been founded or co-founded by Nora. Creating organizations that support principles-based social change in different ways and in overlapping places and spaces are what drive Nora and are her creative outlets.

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Waking Lumina

In “Principles-Focused Evaluation: The Guide”, I share what it was like to make sense of life after my four-year-old son died. Reflecting on my parenting, it was clear that rules didn’t matter—not the number of vegetables he ate, screen minutes he viewed, or vocabulary words he heard. So what did matter? I loved him fiercely. I have no doubt he knew that. I valued his imagination, his laugh, his questions, the spark in his eye. I valued him and what he brought to our family and the world. When I could, I kept him safe. But I couldn’t keep him and when I couldn’t, I walked with him when he was scared. My son knew he was loved, he was valued, and that I would walk with him when he was scared. That’s what truly mattered. These have become my personal guiding principles. 

 As I made my way from grieving back to life, I wondered: What is my purpose? Is it possible to find and fulfill my purpose through evaluation? If so, how? Can I reimagine myself as an evaluator that works in alignment with who I am becoming, not who I was? Waking Lumina, my guiding principles for professional engagement emerged.

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TerraLuna Collaborative

TerraLuna Collaborative is a cooperative consulting firm specializing in creative evaluation, research, and systems change for social justice. I co-founded TerraLuna in 2012 with three other courageous souls. Today we have twelve member owners from three states and work all over the globe and Nora currently serves as the Director for Vision and Strategic Growth. At TerraLuna we uncover how and why efforts for change are working well, and develop solutions that help schools, communities, non-profit organizations, businesses, and local governments overcome barriers to change.

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InsPire to Change: A Consortium for Truth, Justice, and Beauty

Inspire to Change’s mission is catalyze community-based co-created social change rooted in truth, justice, and beauty. Founded as a consortium in 2018, Inspire to Change is a non-profit home for multiple inter-related initiatives working in support of Inspire to Change’s mission. Inspire to Change is pleased to announce the first member of the consortium, the Developmental Evaluation Institute. Nora currently serves as the President of the Board.

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The Developmental Evaluation Institute's (DEI) mission is to grow and nurture a global community of people committed to social justice and equity who can use and apply  developmental evaluation in ways that support and enhance innovation and systems change. the DEI vision is a world in which developmental evaluation inspires and catalyzes community led social transformation. Nora currently works as a co-founder with Kate McKegg and Nan Wehipeihana of the Kinnect Group