Nora Murphy Johnson, PhD

Who am I? Connector, social change champion, space-maker, seeker of inspiration, and empath. I consider who I am to be different than what I do as a living. I can change professional fields, organizations, and titles but these qualities of mine endure.

What do I do? My professional titles I have held in the various creative spheres I have worked over the past five years include co-founder, director of vision & strategic growth, president of the board, evaluator and researcher. [I'm starting to be called a "senior" evaluator on some projects. How in the world did that happed?] My personal titles are mama, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, and friend. My personal path has profoundly shaped who I am and therefor how I show up in my professional roles and in how I work, making these titles beautifully inter-related and entangled. Want to read more? Check out:

Many people thinking of evaluation as something that is dry, boring, and too often disconnected from things that really matter. But I think of evaluation—the particular way I do it and reasons for doing it—as my calling. It's the way I live into my guiding principles of light, connection, social justice, and inspiration with my heard, mind, body, and spirit. My gift, talent, passion, and purpose in life is to create in ways that are guided by these principles. I have a number of initiatives or containers that help me co-create this work.

  • Waking Lumina is my "brand" for this way of living and working.

  • TerraLuna Collaborative is the cooperative consulting group I co-founded in 2013 and co-own.

  • The Developmental Evaluation Institute is an emerging initiative that hopes to make social justice-oriented developmental evaluation available to more people in more places, particularly on those people and places more marginalized and oppressed.

  • Inspire to Change is another emerging initiative, a non-profit consortium to launch initiatives related to creating more truth, beauty, and justice in this world.

I have yet to see how Creative Evaluation, my latest creative passion creates it’s home in and amongst these containers.

I hope this website and blog inspires you to think, feel, move, love, and create. You can follow me on social media to learn more from afar, click on the services link to learn about some of the ways I work with people, or schedule a free 30-minute consultation.


"We die and become fertilizer. This isn't a sad view of the world, just rational. And if you love nature like I do, becoming part of the cycle of life (think a sunlit tree sycamore tree at a creek's edge or a blooming fiery pink peony) is a beautiful thing. There's no need to want for anything more. No need for religion or a belief in something bigger than myself. The world is beautiful, has an order that can be explained by science, and makes sense."

This was a blog post from me, circa 2004. But tragedy broke me open on September 29, 2010 and I learned that there is so much more. It huge, gorgeous, magical.