Creative Evaluation

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With so many approaches to evaluation, how do we choose? The evaluation purpose and evaluation approach should match. Starting out thoughtfully, getting clear how the evaluation will be used and by whom, matters. Creative Evaluation (CE) is a particular type of evaluation that can be a good choice for innovative, collaborative efforts whose aim is systems change. Creative Evaluators lead Creative Evaluations and co-create Creative Engagement. Read more below.



Creative Evaluation (CE) is short-hand for principles-focused, art-infused, developmental evaluation for social change. We facilitate values-based evaluations to make principles-driven change in the world. CE supports innovation and change by illuminating the world as it was, is, and could be, in all of its unpredictability. Evaluation feedback is timely, relevant, meaningful, and grounded in the worldview of those most impacted by the work.

The inaugural Creative Evaluation Cohort for aspiring creative evaluators launches January 2019! Learn more.



Creative evaluators are guided by deeply held values and shared principles, with an unwavering commitment to making the world more just world. We see the arts and beauty as essential to changing people’s hearts, minds, and ways of being. We partner with people who realize that every change effort is different than every effort that came before, that every day is different than the day before, and that no endeavor will be successful without an open-heart and creative mindset. Evaluation is our calling.

Learn what calls creative evaluators.


Creative Engagement

Creative Engagement is a particular way of collaborating for social change. It is co-creative, full sensory, place-based, culturally-grounded, principles-driven, and responsive.  It is the weaving together of funders, organizational staff, community members, and creative evaluators, supporting coherent and collaborative change.