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With so many approaches to evaluation, how do we choose? The evaluation purpose and evaluation approach should match. Starting out thoughtfully matters. Creative Evaluation (CE) is a particular type of evaluation that can be a good choice for innovative, collaborative efforts whose aim is systems change. With Creative Evaluation, we start with our who we are and how we want our values, passions, energies to show up in the world. We think deeply about who we are and what kind of world we want to create and how these values, passions, and energies can contribute to the change needed to bring about that world. Next, we find ways to work that are in alignment with and support of who we are and the change we want to see, and partners (evaluators, program staff, funders, community members, etc.) who are working towards a shared vision who are also driven by values, who want to make principles-driven change in the world. Through this reflective, creative, principles-driven process


Nora’s work over the past eight years have largely been principles-focused developmental evaluations. A. Rafael, an artist and novelist, has focused is evaluation work on arts-based approaches and methodologies. Both have been working to understand how evaluation can be a partner in efforts towards social justice and equity. What is emerging is an evaluation approach guided by the following principles: adapt, create, learn, love, restore, root and value. We are building on the sweat, tears, emotional and intellectual labor of many who have come before us and who are our friends and learning partners today. You’ll encounter them (conceptually or in-person) in our resources, workshops, and other vents.



We've developed a way of working called Creative Evaluation (CE) or principles-focused, art-infused, developmental evaluation for social change. We facilitate values-based evaluations to make principles-driven change in the world. We see the arts and beauty as essential to changing people’s hearts, minds, and ways of being. We partner with people who realize that every change effort is different than every effort that came before, that every day is different than the day before, and that no endeavor will be successful without an open-heart and creative mindset.CE supports innovation and change by illuminating the world as it was, is, and could be, in all of its unpredictability. Evaluation feedback is timely, relevant, meaningful, and grounded in the worldview of those most impacted by the work.

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Exciting news! The inaugural cohort for aspiring Creative Evaluators launches January 2019! Learn more.



Evaluators guided by deeply held values and shared principles, with an unwavering commitment to making the world more just world. Evaluation is their calling.

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Creative Engagement

A way of collaborating for social change. It is co-creative, full sensory, place-based, culturally-grounded, principles-driven, and responsive.